A downloadable game for Windows

SRX - Sky Racing Xperience

[NEWS - 10/10/19] Steam Beta Enrollment

Suscribe to the closed beta and get your Steam Key to help us test the MULTIPLAYER features :

In this solo version of SRX, you can race in time trial mode on 10+ tracks.
Will you be able to beat our best records ?
Try and beat every track !

(The game is fully translated in French and English)


-10+ tracks with different difficulties

-4 environments

-Customizable Audio, Video, Camera, Controls, Mapping and Interface Settings

-Saved ghosts, records and settings for future launches


Like the majority of racing games, it is highly recommended to use a gamepad!
SRX supports a large majority of gamepads.

A Control Mapper is available in game to match your needs for both gamepads and Keyboard / Mouse.

Learn how to play directly inside the game through a tutorial.


Low-End PCs (VRAM under 2Go) can run the game but will suffer FPS drops in detailed environments like the Windridge forest.


A Game made by Arokma.
More credits inside the game.

We are a very small team of developers that worked hard for months to provide the best user experience we could. And this is only the beginning !
Our goal is to release a multiplayer version of SRX in the near future, including more tracks, vehicles and game modes.

If you want to better keep track of our progress, click on this link to go to our development blog dedicated to SRX

Feel free to report bugs or share any type of feedback in the comment section or by email:


Install instructions

If you download the Installer, just run it and it will allow you to install the game anywhere in your computer with rapid access.

If you download the zip version, make sure you have a software like 7zip to decompress the archive anywhere you want (no software needed for Windows 10 users)

Then run SRX.exe to play.


Have fun !


SRX a1.2 Installer (Recommanded) 451 MB
SRX a1.2 zip (64 bits) 597 MB
SRX a1.2 zip x86 (32bits) 595 MB

Development log


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Overall the game looks great and looks close to Project Wingman

Thanks ! The online Time Trial Race version with world rankings should come in a few days/weeks on Steam ;)

will it run on windows 7 and use a quickplay topstar joystick?

Hi, if it is 64bits it should run, however we did not actually test on a Windows 7 PC, please tell us if everything is working fine.


what about the 15-pin joystick?

We are using an Input System that should recognise pretty much every type of controller. Maybe not natively, but you should be able to remap the controls in the options according to your joystick.


please do a mac build



We are currently working hard on the Steam Multiplayer version which will be available on Mac.

If not yet registered to the closed beta, feel free to do so!


This game is really fun and addictive.
I love to play this game with PS4 controller

(1 edit) (+1)

Very fun to play ! It's a very promising  game.

Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm!


Hi guys, nice work done here.

I noticed in the windridge map that buildings load a bit too late, specialy if you set a wider field of view. 

Thanks for your feedback!
Field Of View issues and display distances in Windridge will be corrected in the next update !
Meanwhile, we advise you to keep a low FOV to better enjoy this environment :}