UPDATE a1.2 - New Glyphs, Analytics and internal improvements

Hello everybody,
Here is the a1.2 version!


  • [Analytics] Setting up of the Unity Analytics system in order to get easy feedback and stats about the current tracks. The data stored is very limited and allows us to know what environments, tracks or vehicles you prefer and if we need to tweak the difficulties for some tracks or medals
  • [UX] Hovering or selecting some technical settings now shows help info
  • [UX] A new Controls option is here, Roll To Yaw Mix! ATTENTION: This parameter strongly impacts difficulty by helping the player in turns. Setting it to a high value will allow quick turns in return for less precision. People who struggled with fast vehicles will now find them more easy to master with a high value
  • [UX] If an update is available, a message will now inform you in the Main Menu


  • [UI] All glyphs (keyboard, mouse and gamepads) have been replaced with white ones to better constrast with our dark UIs
  • [UI] Options and Solo menus display slightly changed along with enhanced menu hierarchies in Unity
  • [Inputs] Mappings are now stored in your AppData folder to manage them easily


  • [UX] Navigation in menus was broken if a dropdown was opened in any menu due to a bug inside Unity engine. We contacted Unity to inform them of that issue and are very sorry for the inconvenience
  • [UI] "Final Lap" is now translated

See you in the sky !


SRX a1.2 Installer (Recommanded) 451 MB
Jun 17, 2019
SRX a1.2 zip (64 bits) 597 MB
Jun 17, 2019
SRX a1.2 zip x86 (32bits) 595 MB
Jun 18, 2019

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