UPDATE a1.1 - Camera overhaul, UI, Inputs and fixes

Hello everybody,

The a1.1 update is here!

!WARNING! To prevent some crashes, due to all the changes in the User Settings system, if you have  the a1.0 version installed, your option settings will be restored to default


  • [Camera] Each camera profile is customizable and saved
  • [Menus] Language and gamepad glyphs "Auto" option in Interface menu now detects your configuration at runtime
  • [Inputs] Unknown controllers are now mappable
  • [Sound] Earning a new medal is associated with a sound


  • [Unity] Project updated to Unity 2019
  • [Camera] Height (pitch) is now an angle
  • [Camera] Clipping greatly reduced for both 1st and 3rd person
  • [Camera] 3rd person camera now switches to 1st in closed angles
  • [Camera] Smoother FOV behaviour
  • [Environments] Better LODs in WindRidge
  • [UI] Game launch splash screen changed
  • [UI] Vehicle Stats during selection now have a background
  • [UI] In-race time shows 2 decimals delta (was showing 3)
  • [UI] New Medals sprites, less aliased

  • [UI] Race Progression at the bottom right redone

  • [UI] Tutorial instructions display slightly changed
  • [UI] Main Menu UIs are no longer stacked
  • [UI] Loading Logo is now continuously spinning
  • [Inputs] Tutorial input order changed
  • [Inputs] inputs are clamped to prevent high-sensibility mouses from doing super fast moves
  • [Inputs] Default mouse and keyboard mapping changed
  • [Inputs] Keyboard and Mouse behaviours enhanced
  • [Menus] Removed Depth of field option (was causing black screen on some hardware)
  • [UX] Checkpoints arrow slightly redone to better understand its orientation

  • [UX] Only next medal to beat and those already beaten shown
  • [Dev] Internal systems improvements and stability


  • [Race System] Some checkpoints were not validated
  • [Race System] Silver Medal ghost in Space Station A2 didn't have the correct profile
  • [Inputs] It is now possible to plug in and use a joystick after the race is launched
  • [Inputs] Remapping inputs during tutorial no longer allows all inputs
  • [UI] No more delta time shown when no previous record
  • [UI] Fixed potential crash when changing gamepad glyphs
  • [UI] Bad translations and some translations were not updated when changing parameters
  • [Environments] Some colliders in Space Station environment let the player go through walls

See you in the sky !


SRX a1.1 Installer (Recommanded) 446 MB
May 21, 2019
SRX a1.1 zip (64bits) 590 MB
May 21, 2019
SRX a1.1 zip x86 (32bits) 587 MB
May 21, 2019

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